Have you ever used Yahoo Groups? No? Why not
Although it has some regular uses, that is not why we like it

We are selling a list that contains the URL's for a large number of adult oriented yahoo groups. All of these groups are 100% free and to access them all you need is a yahoo account. (which, if you don't already have one is also free)

Most of these groups require that you join them, which (for anyone who hasn't ever used a yahoo group) meerly requires that you click on a button and tell them weither or not you want email from them. And once you're part of a group, you have free access to each group's photo section, file section, polls, links, and message archieves.

For those of you who have already use Yahoo Groups, you are probably wondering why you would want to buy my product. Let me put it to you this way: does clicking on links in the link section just to find that a large percentage of them lead to dead groups? Well, my lists are updated on a regular basis to minimize the number of dead links.

This list is divided into three different text files:

And due to a major change in Veisco policy, all three lists are free. We hope you find it useful.

File 1: Straight, lesbian, fetishes, anime / hentai, furry, bdsm, pregnant, watersport, ect (approx 500+ groups)
File 2: Gay, shemale, crossdressing, gay fetishes, ect (approx 300+ groups)
File 3: Female Dominance, strapon, male submission, ect (approx 200+ groups)

This used to cost money but now I'm giving it away for free... simply for the hell of it!

“I found more of the porn I was looking for in ten minutes with this list then in a day otherwise. Well worth the $1.99"
-Steve, New York

“I used yahoo groups before getting this list and I had 10 or 20 groups I had joined. For me, yahoo groups were just okay. But after getting this list, yahoo groups is now my favorite site! I had no idea there was so much out there!”
-Jim, Maine

"I love this list... more then any man should love a list."
-Dean, Wisconsin

“I had no idea there were so many groups for people like me! Thank you.”
- ‘Smiling Lizard Demon’ (screen name requested to be used)

“Wow! I’m shocked and amazed by this.”
- Kate, California

If you have any questions, comments/testimonials or if you would like to suggest one or more groups that you believe should be on the list but is not already, you can email me at vic_elor@yahoo.com